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Apprentice Program  

Our apprentice program offers dedicated students the opportunity to train with teachers in the room and develop skills in leadership, guidance, lesson planning, and team building. Typically, students will assist in classes for a few years and then, in their senior year, have the chance to teach a class on their own.

There are numerous benefits to participating in this program. As mentioned before, it provides students with additional time in the studio, which is highly valued by colleges with performing arts programs. This involvement also sets students apart when applying for college and gives them a competitive edge. Moreover, this program prepares students for a career in teaching dance, whether it be on a full-time or part-time basis. It is truly a gift to have a job that instills genuine passion and inspiration.

Another advantage of assisting in classes is that it provides students with extra and free training.

The mission of this program is to cultivate leaders today who will shape a better future tomorrow.

Meet the Team

Anisa Jaffe

Senior SDA Dancer
Teaching 1/week Ruby Ballet  

Anisa grew up around several small towns in Northern California, where she began dancing at the age of nine in the styles of jazz and tap. A few years later as her passion for dance expanded and more classes became available to her she explored into other dance styles such as ballet, modern, and, her personal favorite, contemporary. Anisa is a current Senior at Sedona Red Rock High School, and after graduation she plans to take a gap year and travel for self discovery and growth. After her gap year she plans to attend college to pursue her second passion, art.
She plans to obtain a degree in graphic design or Illustration, while also dancing as full tim
e as possible, potentially in the form of a double major. She hopes that this will eventually lead her to joining a contemporary dance company, and then further down the line becoming a choreographer, where she will create her own works. Anisa is excited to share her love of dance with younger dancers, aspiring to help grow their technique and artistry, but also teach them how to laugh at their mistakes, enjoy the process, and find passion in dance. 


Sofia Wolf

Assisting Garnet Ballet  

Sofia has embarked on a lifelong journey in the realm of dance, a passion she has ardently pursued at Sedona Dance Academy for three years.

Currently a Freshman at Sedona Red Rock High School, her aspirations are set on gracing the stages of American Ballet Theatre in New York City, envisioning herself as a professional ballerina by the age of 18.

Dedication resonates within her as she dedicates 6-7 days a week to training and supporting dance classes at the studio. With unwavering commitment, Sofia places great emphasis on both her academic pursuits and her dance training. Engaging in various extracurricular activities, including student council and the interact club, she actively contributes to her High School community, fostering a sense of responsibility and selflessness.

Sofia passionately imparts her knowledge and love for ballet to younger dancers, instilling in them the virtues of diligence and the beauty that lies within this art form. Her boundless enthusiasm is infectious, as she takes pleasure in sharing her passion with all those around her. 


Melle Glatt

Assisting Modern 1 

Melle is 14 years old and grew up in summit New Jersey where she found her love for dance at just 3 years old. She recently moved to Sedona and has danced with the studio for a year. She loves assisting modern 1 simply because she loves seeing the growth and passion in young dancers. Her future goals are to make it into a college dance team like Ohio state or university of Michigan. Shortly after, she wants start her professional career in modern at the Alvin Ailey school where she will be also be applying for the summer intensive this year. She is so excited for new opportunities and growth in dance! 


Phoebe Jones
Assisting Topaz Ballet


Phoebe Jones began growing up in the Village of Oak Creek  and started ballet when she was only 2 years old.

She instantly fell in love with dance as she performed with her friends and got to show everyone what she was capable of. She joined Sedona Dance Academy in the summer of 2021 when she was only 9. She started off doing hiphop and then joined ballet in the spring.

Now that she has improved so much she helps teaching the toddlers and enjoys seeing them improve and grow.

Seeing there faces brightens up her day. Phoebe nows aims to be a professional ballet dancer in New York someday with the help of her teachers.


Kathrine Rotella

Assisting Littles Tumbling

Born and raised in Washington State, Katherine has been dancing since the age of 9. Over the years, she has participated in various athletic activities such as folk dance, competitive gymnastics, and long-distance hiking. When Katherine moved to Sedona in 2022, she dedicated increasingly more time to dancing at Sedona Dance Academy. She has fostered a love for different art forms including music, martial arts, and of course, dance. Katherine particularly enjoys expressing herself through movement and hopes to help others do so as well. She loves helping younger children grow, and happily spends time assisting with kids’ classes at a local martial arts school on a weekly basis. Katherine is very excited to share her passion with young dancers at Sedona Dance Academy and looks forward to witnessing their powerful journeys! 

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